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Do you know?
Your prisoner is charged around 40p a minute to call you on your mobile phone ?

Service availability

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Answer wherever you are

How it works?

Free virtual landline number

When you sign-up we will give you a FREE pay-as-you-go virtual landline number which is just like an email address but is a number instead.

We add a virtual number to your mobile

Your inmate calls your JailTelecom landline number, all for the same cost as if they are ringing your home phone (if you have one)!

Answer any time, anywhere

Now the inmate can call your mobile wherever you are. Picking up the children from school, out with friends, even on holiday!

Pay As You Go (Rollover minutes)

£10 to start

Flexible plan without commitments

  • £10 gives you 100 minutes
  • Top up as many times as you need to
  • We deduct £2 every month service fee
Get started
  • No credit or bank card required and no bank details needed
  • Top-UP with E-Voucher just like mobile phones from your local shop or pay with Paypal/Visa/Mastercard
  • Check your balance and call records online and receive a free SMS when your balance is running low.
  • No need to run and wait by your home phone for their call again!